Heru'Gwath The Dark Lord

By Morgoth
Date: 06-29-2005





The Skin made bye -=[HM]=-Morgoth-CL


I used for start point the skin called prequel jedi. I used the sounds of Marka Ragnos, He�s truly had great sounds that perfectly can used for sithlord skins. I create this skin about 1 hour, but it looks great, red eyes and black robe. I made this skin for my only use, but i think i release it, couse it�s really good skin. :) I also add an npc form of this skin in to the Zip.
This isn�t my first skin, but one of my best skins, so enjoy it. :)
I have to say thanks to the authors of the prequel jedi skin, That skin was really great help at the start of making this skin. Great job with the prequel jedi skin, thanks.


Extract the file Dark_Lord.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory
Extract the file Dark_Lord_npc.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory

This skin is one of my favourite so, if you want to use it for a mod or want to reskin it, write me a mail to blaise07@freemail.hu, then maybe you can use it, if I agree.

Enjoy this sith skin