By Chronic
Date: 08-05-2002




Made by: RossefellA A.K.A. Chronic

Hey this is my third skin. This one is Arckain. It took me a lot of time to get it right. It use to be Luke lol its totally different. It has bot support for both colors. And teams the red is the same as the defalt. If you want to play as the blue Arckain you just switch to the blue. Arckain was a Jedi that met up with Darth Vader. Darth Vader destroyed him and left him in the desert to die. With little life left in his body he tried to stay awake. Until a group of men with a Landspeeder picked him up and rushed him to get help. They took him in and rebuild his body. Useing some modern medical advance ments and some old they finished him. Arckain is mostly machine (like vader) and Arckain spent his everyday waiting to see Vader again to make him pay for destroying the descent man that he was. Arckain then started The Advancement a clan dedicated into turning beings into half machines. After the battle with Vader, Arckain grew more and more different more evil and less human. He learned to like his "advantages" as a half machine. Now he thinks that the universe would be different if everybody got an "upgrade". Many years passed as Arckain tried to track down Vader as he found his location on the new death star. As Arckain made his way into the death star where Vader was on his death bed and Luke was holding Vader. Arckain saw this to his displeaser as the Death Star started to destroy Arckain fled and started a new mission. To kill his son Luke.

Just extract the arckain.pk3 into your base directory in your gamedata folder.


And have fun gameing. I will see you in the game!

RossefellA A.K.A.

{Note: This story is not supported or part of the star wars saga Lucasfilm or LucasArts but part of Rossefella Joints productions}