Mara Jade by Mystery Knight

By Mystery Knight
Date: 08-01-2002



6:14 PM 7/15/02

I was playing around with a skin i got from
it was a mara jade for multiplayer, what I found out was hidden in the
bots and npcs.cfg file was a jan jedi bot ready for use but i couldn\'t
get a better model that the one that came with the game, so i ran the
skin through paintshop pro and did some tweaks like breasts on one skin
and what i got was alot better, read the bind keys.txt included in this zip for the names.

After extracting your assets0.pk3 replace the jan folder in
GameData\\base\\models\\players\\jan with the jan folder in Maramk.pk3 to have a female jedi for use in sp, use the bind key,
bind * \"npc spawn JediF\" * being whatever key you want to use. Then do the devmapall
during the game on your console and viola, you have a female jedi bot to take bad guys with, since luke runs off during the game.

I also changed the jk2config.cfg text so you can now change your sabercolor in single player after the devmapall code by tying it to certain keys,inplay while jumping or running etc i can now change saber color, so no more waiting for the console to come down.

I also tied some bots,
so i can summon any jedi from the game and watch them battle while i take a break. this converted jan skin will still play with the vest
during multiplayer, but if you want to use the Jedif bind she will
not have a vest on and her sabercolor changes at random depending on how many you spawn, i tried to fix that...but failed to do so, i must have missed a file somwhere. I\'m new at this.

All in all it\'s cool to have a lightside jedi female during sp.
I have the reborn_maul sp skin and the desann_vader sp skin that was
posted so battling the bad guys gets alot cooler the more jedi\'s you have flying around, plus it\'s nice to have 5 jedi\'s and yourself against any enemy\'s or dark jedi\'s that are wandering around.

To use the binds, open your jk2config.cfg file with notepad,
then add any section to the bottom, it will automatically re-sort
your bind in alphabetical order but it must have a
before and a
after your bind,

bind i \"sabercolor orange\"

do not put 2 squares next to one another or it won\'t be accepted.
You might want to make sure that a key isn\'t already bound before
selecting one. if so just cut out what\'s there and replace with what you want.

you want to open and change.
the mp stands for multiplayer, change that and you could crash
or not get online.
This is for sp only.
I tried to spawn morgan, but all he did was run in place, got
killed real easy. see the pics.

Have fun.
Mystery Knight.