Crimson Rex (3.0)

By MetalMusicMan
Date: 07-30-2002
Version: 3.0



Skin Title:

Crimson Rex

Author Information:

Skin Made by: MetalMusicMan
Website: Coming soon!... or later...


Just unzip the .zip file to your base directory, which is usually


Version 1:

Alright! This skin is my second skin. It's a model for Desann in JK2. I'm very proud of the outcome, it looks very cool. I got the idea to make this skin from a special about dinosaurs on the discovery channel, lol. There was a scientist talking about how he thought t-rex had a red head and black body, and I thought that making a skin like that would be cool. Desann fit the role perfectly, and the result is this skin!

Version 2:
Okay, a freind brought to my attention that there was a sound glitch- i forgot to put the sounds in! lol. So, i added the desann sounds to the model and changed the taunt to, "Your efforts are in vain!". I also changed the color of the pants to black and added a red stripe down them, it makes the model look alot better, with the red cloth hanging down over black pants. basically, version 2 added some much needed improvments.

Version 3:
Woohoo! An update to my most popular skin. In version three I give rex some team support. Although it sounds kind of stupid to have blue team skins for "CRIMSONrex", the blue looks nice! Both skins have new additions to the armor, legs, arms, and torso. More designs = more coolness! =D have fun with it people!