Lord Tayr Kray

By Tryth Vactor
Date: 07-13-2002



This is a Mp skin with Bot support.I used the Jedi modle for this skin.
Lord Tayr Kray is a sith Lord from the times of the Old Republic
almost 5,000 years before Episode 1.Tayr was a Sith Lord who was more of a gangster
than just wanting to take over the Republic.He was more interested in his smuggling.Tayr loved his drugs
and his women.But he was also powerful.So he took advantage of many women a Sith Pimp if you will.
He is believed to be one of the GREAT Anscestors of the very deadly
Bounty Hunter Tayr Raynor.Althought Raynor speculates such a perversion
of the force to be a relative his senses still hints to that fact
which could be the reason of his over whelming charisma.

This charecter is not a part of the Lucas star wars universe and is of
my own creation.

Add to game data base as usual


Tryth Vactor