Tryth Vactor

By Tryth Vactor
Date: 07-13-2002



This is a skin of the Tyrion model,When I was making this i was thinking
of what maybe Dooku looked like when he placed the order for the clones 10 years
before Obi_wan visited Kamino.I saw him a little less Dark more of wheening his
way to the Darkside if you will.Then after i started working on it i figured I would make it my owwn
charecter.I hope you enjoy it!

Tryth Vactor
Tryth Vactor is a sith who has some human qualities left.He has tremendous will power which in times
makes the Emperor want to get rid of him.The Emperor is always sending him on missions where
he usually has to fight for his life at all times.He was once a jedi & turned bounty hunter
because he had an imense love for money which made the Jedi Council expell
him from the Jedi order and sensed he would be a threat in the future
because of his mental prowess and new if put to work for the Dark Side he would be a very advasive adversary.
And also being a bounty hunter he is proficient in all forms of combat and weapons.

I included a SP and MP version
SAme old task:extract to game/data/base as usual
This is my first skin so be gentle but also helpful in criticing it.

I also give props to the makers of the Tyrion model excellent work.i take
little credit other than the skinning most is original just a little added flavor
here and there.Team support and bot will be later.
"Do or Do not.There is no Try." -Master Yoda