Newel Tav

By tummy-chan
Date: 07-06-2002



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Here is my second attempt at skinning and it seems to have come out TONS better than the original. I stayed away from trying to make it cartoony and took textures from magazines and such to make this one. The basic idea/story behind this would be as such: Newel Tav was an executioner for the Sith,one of the most feared for her ferocity. A long standing fighter, she had been given many cybernetic implants (like darth vaderlater on) due to countless battles she had been in. (as is seen in the model parts of her are cut to show the cyborg parts underneath.) she could not stand this after a while, the fact that she lost much of her humanity to fighting drove what human parts of her left insane and now hunts anyone calling themselves sith or jedi.

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