Exar Kun (2.0)

Date: 04-23-2002
Version: 2.0



Version 2.0 FIXES

1. Added TEAM COLORS so it can be used in team based games.
2. Fixed the face to have THREE scars instead of the little blur that it was before.
3. Updated the torso a little bit.
4. Darkened his legs to match the torso better.
5. Added some star patches to his legs.

This is VERSION 2.0 of my Exar Kun skin based on the Sith character in the
Dark Horse(R) "Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi" Comics
and the Star Wars(R) books Dark Apprentice and Champions of the Force

This skin is based on the Jedi Trainer model
and uses different textures from MANY other skins in the game
and a few of my own >:)

This skin includes BOT support.

You may freely distribute or edit this skin...

As long as you include this README, and include my name... HC-EXAR-KUN

Exar Kun Skin.zip
for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast



Thanks to my friend
HC - BlackDeath
for the screenshots

The STORY of Exar Kun

Once the most powerful and dangerous Dark Lord of the Sith,
He was responsible for the deaths of millions four millennia before the rise of the Empire.

Exar Kun was taught in the ways of the Jedi by Master Vodo Siosk-Baas,
but he was pulled to the dark side and secretly used his Master's Jedi Holocron
to learn about past Dark Lords of the Sith, such as Freedon Nadd.

Exar Kun studied the dark side further and when he went to the tomb of Freedon Nadd,
he was confronted by the spirit of the lone gone Dark Lord.

Exar Kun had second thoughts about joining the dark side and he was attacked by Nadd's spirit.

The attack left Exar Kun near death and his only hope of survival was to fully embrace the dark side.

In the time that followed, Nadd's spirit filled him with tales of the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow and,
the experiments that Sadow had carried out on Yavin 4 to give flesh to the spirits of the dead.

Nadd told Exar Kun that he must complete Sadow's work and give Nadd a new body.

On Yavin 4, Kun again renounced the dark side, but was attacked by the Massassi, mutated descendants of Sadow's experiments.
They prepared him for death in a Massassi Blood Sacrifice, and Exar Kun again turned to the dark side to save his life.

He then killed all who opposed him, including Nadd's spirit.

Exar Kun forced the Massassi to build huge temples of an ancient Sith design to focus great dark side energies.
He also continued Sadow's experiments and turned the Massassi into creatures of death.

Master Vodo Siosk-Baas volunteered to try and turn his former student from the dark side,
but Exar Kun killed his former master in a great lightsaber fight.

Exar Kun had bested his own teacher...

The battles that followed this terrible sequence of events,were known as the "Sith War",
which resulted the death of hundreds of Jedi, and millions upon millions of innocent people...

After the Jedi discovered the secret of Exar Kun's power base on Yavin 4,
the resulting battle destroyed most of the moon's temples and destroyed Exar Kun's body.
But before he was destroyed, Exar Kun drained the life force from every Massassi
and kept his spirit alive... but trapped in the remaining Yavin temples.

Over 4,000 years later, Luke Skywalker opened a Jedi training academy based in Yavin 4's Great Temple.

Exar Kun's spirit awakened and tempted some of Skywalker's trainees into turning to the dark side.
He began to turn Kyp Durron to the dark side, until Luke saw what was happening and confronted Kyp.

With Exar Kun's help, Durron attacked his teacher with dark force lightning and separated Luke's spirit from his body.

Although... Exar Kun underestimated the remaining students at the , who focused their will into a single entity of the Force,
finally destroying Kun's spirit, restoring Luke's spirit to his body and freeing Kyp Durron from the hold of the dark side.

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