By McFarland
Date: 04-22-2002



My second skin here!
She\'s Princess Leia...
Vader\'s daughter, Luke\'s sister and (later) Han\'s wife.
In the Expanded Universe she becomes a New Republic councelor... and a Jedi knight(at least she tries to)!
She effectively has a lightsaber and uses it wisely...
...and now, with my skin, you have the opportunity to play her role in the game... or to let her fall to the Dark Side :P
Whatever you choose, hope you\'ll like my skin.. it\'s not that detailed, but I\'m a bit short of time and I thought
that the greatest part of the job would be on the mesh... so... if anybody knows how I can modify the mesh (I\'m a good 3d modeler!)
Which softwares to use...

this is a very beta version... though functional I\'d need to know how to modify the mesh
I\'d need to:
1) remove the fake eyes, original ones are better;
2) add those strange hairs she has in the movies...
3) shorten her a bit and round her face
4) remove those feathers...

But nothing I can do at the moment :)
if anybody knows how... pls mail me!


McFarland 2002

quite simple... put the pk3 in your 7Gamedata/base directory and have fun!