Episode III Anakin Skywalker

By Xai-Mura Vodorr
Date: 03-02-2004




Author: JO Xai-Mura Vodorr
Clan: Jedi Order JO
Email: Syphoncell@comcast.net

Description: This skin is based on the Episode 3 Preview pictures from www.starwars.com.
This skin is a simple reskin of Episode 2 Obi-Wan. There are two skins in
the PK3, /model ep3_anakin and /model ep3_anakin2. Each have a robed version.
Have fun!

Instructions: Extract the PK3 file to your gamedata/base directory.

Special Thanks: A special thanks goes out to the maker of the Episode 2 Obi-Wan model and
the makers of the Jedi Knight series. :D