Episode 1 - Obi Wan

By Puke Flystalker
Date: 04-17-2002



File Info/Author Info

Title: Obi-Wan Skin

File Name: ep1_obi-wan.pk3

Description: Basically, its a Skin and Bot of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he
is seen in "Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace". It includes
support for teamplay aswell as ordinary.

Date of Release: 04/02

Author's Real Name: Jamie Lewis

Author's Jedi Knight 2 Nickname: Puke Flystalker

Author's Details: From London, England. Love Jedi Knight 2 and
Elite Force!!!

Author's machine: Athlon 950 Mhz 256MB, Geforce 256

Machine tested on: Athlon 950 Mhz 256MB, Geforce 256

Author's Email Address: jamnl18@hotmail.com

Playing/Installation Instructions

Unzip the file - "ep1_obi-wan.pk3" into the GameData/Base Directory
of where ever you installed Jedi Knight 2. Then go into the game
and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff

This Skin is not made, distributed or supported by Activision or
Lucasarts Entertainment Company LLC. Elements TM.

This skin has been tested and I would not release it unless I
thought it was totally safe and unharmful to use. However, I take
no responsibility for what this does to the computer of anyone who
chooses to the use skin and will not be held responsible for any
damage that comes of using it.

You may distrubute this file as you wish, as long as the readme
file is attached, it is unedited and I am given full credit. Please
do NOT take any part of this skin and use it in something else
without my prior permission.

Credits/Special Thanks

I'd also like to thank the creator of the "Ben Kenobi" skin. I used
it as a rough basis and still have some of files of his skin in

I'd like to thank Trekker for helping me obtain all the media
and pictures that i used to help construct this skin.

I'd like to thank Kaattari who first sparked my interest in
"skinning" and who helped me to understand the coding and
techniques used in constructing skins.

Finally I'd like to thank all of you for downloading my skin, I
hope you like it and enjoy using it!

I may make an updated version of this skin in the future, with some
improvements in detail. It would possibly include the braid that
Obi-Wan has in Episode 1 that i couldn't include at this present
time due to my lack of familiarity in editing of the model's