Dark Jedi Kueller

By Zahriel Omega
Date: 04-14-2002



** \"Dark Jedi Kueller\" from \'The New Rebellion\' book **

I read the book about 3 years ago now and I can\'t remember anything about it except for the lead bad guy, Kueller, an ex-student of Skywalker\'s previously known as Dolph. I\'m not much good at explaining things but the guy was a complete psychopath and he wore a death mask all the time.

This skin was made by Zahriel Omega as a modification to the Darth Maul skin originally posted on http://modcentral.jediknightii.net

Basically i retextured the face, eyes and mouth. I also distorted all the reborn1 wav files to make him sound more scaaarryy!!!

If you want to host or modify this file for download a little credit or notification to both of us would be grand, thankyou.


---How to use this?---

Extract \"Kueller.pk3\" into your \"Jedi Outcast/GameData/base\" directory and it\'ll work.

---Last comments---

This version now contains Red and Blue team skins Enjoy + share!


- Zahriel Omega - http://www.zahrielomega.com

A big thanks go to FrogLeggs, Darksider, SpyCatcher and Chanke4252 for their feedback, support and motivation.