Count Dooku

By Angel
Date: 04-09-2002



==JEDI KNIGHT II Mod File====================================
Title : Count Dooku
File Name : Dooku.pk3
File Size : 1,164 kb
Author(s) : Angel
Date of Release : 04/2002

Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : I'm an Australian!

Description : A Count Dooku model for Jedi Knight II. Count Dooku is from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. I am trying to work on an alternate lightsaber for him to make it look like the real curved one in the film. I would also like to make new sounds.

I am still in the process of neatening up the textures and will release again as soon as I am done testing.

Beta Testers : Angel

Development machine : Athlon 1.2 Ghz 512MB, 64MB Geforce 3 Ti200
Machine(s) tested on : Athlon 1.2 Ghz 512MB, 64MB Geforce 3 Ti200

* Play Information *

Character name : Dooku
New Textures: : Yes
New Objects: : Not Yet
New WAVs : Not Yet

* Construction *

Base : Modified Morgan Katarn Model Textures and used the Model
Known Bugs : Not that I'm aware of.