Kyle's Stormtrooper Armor

By Morek
Date: 12-23-2011





If I was Kyle Katarn, instead of assaulting Imperial strongholds in my pajamas, I would want a badass suit of armor, and it just so happens that Kyle was a stormtrooper before he defected away from the Empire. Of course, to make sure Jan doesn't blow his head off in the heat of battle, his armor is painted in blue trim with the Rebel Alliance/New Republic crest is emblazoned on his chest plate.

This simply replaces single player Kyle with what I imagine he would look like if he used stormtrooper armor in battle. My original plan was to make a model with Kyle's head and a stormtrooper's body (like the Han/Luke stormtrooper models that are already on here) but modeling is a bit out of my skill range, so I settled for this, using the blue team textures to make the trim. If anyone wants to steal that idea, feel free to cannibalize this skin with or without credit, or you can modify, copy it, or use it in any way you see fit.

It looks a bit awkward in talking cutscenes, but I'm willing to pay that price to not feel like a pajama-wearing monkey all the time. Also, this makes taking direct blaster bolts with your shields down multiple times throughout the game seem much more plausible. (Remember how they had to scrape Greedo off the ceiling after Han definitely shot him first?)

Partly inspired by Armored Kyle by DoF_BlackWolf and Luke and Han Stormtroopers by Lee Wright.


Extract trooperkyle.pk3 to GameDatabase in your Jedi Knight 2 directory. To uninstall, delete trooperkyle.pk3 from your base directory.