The Dark Collection

By [BP]DarkAngel
Date: 02-23-2003




The Dark Collection

-- Not MORE reborns i hear you say, dont worry, im sure you'll like these guys --

Installation: Extract darkcol.pk3 to your gamedata\base

Game Support: All modes including CTF and TFFA.

Info: These skins were made using PaintShop Pro 7.02 and
Macromedia Fireworks. These are not CLAN skins.

Known Bugs: None.

Developer: [BP]DarkAngel,,

The Story:


Bracer was once a reborn of Desann, left wouded and dying after a battle a wise master
found him and trained him not only in the ways of the force, but also in the ways of
Wu Tai. He is now a fearless Master with the force and his martial arts skills along side

{Half Breed}

Half Breed is the result of weeks of torture from desann. After being assulted with
the force on countless occasions by desann, his body has become part force. He is learning
new force powers which he will use to destroy desann for his cruelty.


2 Tone is a mischeifous Jedi, he uses mind tricks on his foes to make them believe he
is on there side, whereas he actually has no allies. 2 Tone is a loner and after gaining
the trust of someone, he takes what is theres and kills them.

{Green Giant}

Green Giant is the result of an explosion at a wookie bocaster manufacturing factory. His
skin has been impregnated with bowcaster toxins making him 'green' in appearance. Note his
eyes are part green, part white.