Stormtrooper 'X-Heart' Replacement

By DarthNarga
Date: 08-28-2009




By DarthNarga (Ben DeClue)
This is my first reskin of anything, so it isn�t perfect �. It is a reskin of a Stormtrooper (as you may have guessed). I read something on Darthipedia about them sucking so bad/getting shot so easily they painted x�s across their hearts on their armor so the Rebels could shoot them form a billion miles away, or somethin�. I started like a day or two ago and figured out all of the crap (a while ago now), and will soon (hopefully) be making a crappy Imperial Shock Trooper to go with it. ;)
What It Is:
A Stormtrooper with a few x�s across his chest for targeting. Sorry, no bot support �. Uses old Stormtrooper sounds and animations. I made it so that it will replace the old one, so it should work in SP too.
Simply extract then put the pk3 in the bas directory of your JK2 folder. You�ll find it.
Murder the pk3 by deleting then removing from R-Bin.
LucasArts, Raven and Activision for the game,
The people who created IrfanView and IZarc,
And the guy at SOF Files who made the pk3 converter.
(Poorly Written) Legal Crap:
LucasArts, Raven nor Me can be held responsible for any problems with this file or what you do with it and may NOT be used without my permission. Star Wars, Jedi Knight 2 JO and the Stormtrooper are property of LucasArts.
If you have any questions my E-mail is rmdeclue1 AT aol DOT com . Do not use or distribute without my permission, although you may edit for you and yourself only if you want to.