Cloaked MP Shadowtrooper Version 2

By [BP]DarkAngel
Date: 02-01-2003




Cloaked MP Shadow Trooper Version 2

Installation: You must be running jk2 1.4 update to use this skin

This is slightly more complecated than usual,
as normal extract cloakedshadowtrooperv2.pk3 to
your gamedata\base directory.
Once in the game, open up your console and enter
these two lines:

bind Q "model shadowtrooper; play sound/chars/shadowtrooper/decloak"
bind W "model cshadowtrooper; play sound/chars/shadowtrooper/cloak"

Change the bind keys as you wish to suit your needs.

File Info: Support for all game modes. No bot support as of yet.

Activating: Q = Uncloaked
W = Cloaked

Make sure, you entered the bind exactly as they are above in the
installation section.

Info: An update for my previous shadowtrooper skin. Smaller file size.
Introduced a cloaked saber hilt as well. Cloak and decloak sounds now

TFFA support and CFT support now works.

Known Bugs: All players other than, reborn, luke and desann have a cloaked
saber, if anyone knows how to fix this, let me know! Please :)

It appears that you cant use the bind keys to switch models in TFFA
or CTF mode, if you know how to fix this, again let me know! :)

Reminder: Only those that have the skin, will see you cloak, otherwise they
will see a normal Kyle skin. If the server you are on has Deffering
of player models until death switched on, then you wont be able to
cloak until you die (or uncloak).

Developer: [BP]DarkAngel,,