Lord of the Rings Pack (Pack B)

Date: 10-21-2002
Version: Pack B



Lord of the Rings KOTORMRJay Pack README

-This README is for all portions of the Project.

Name of skins/mod/models:LOTR_KOTORMRJay_Pack

If you download all of the portions, you will have these 11 new skins:
-Gilgalad (the elf general)

Plus you have these Two Towers preview skins:

You will also have 8 new sword's (both regular replacement and JediMod versions).
As well as a hilt only version of each combined with a little fun saber color mod like thing
The concept of the mod thing was to bring some of the power of the patch and jedi mod to those
who don't use the patch ,basically it lets you have different swords,but the blades are transparent
and you must have the Dynamic lighting off(in set up) to get the full effect of the mod,
It was intended for "no patch" games but a few of the testers thought it would have some advantages
in jedi mod as well so thanks to "Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke" who was responsible for
converting all the swords and hilts into jedi mod we have both versions a jedi mod pk3 of both
swords full versions ,and the hilt and blade mod thing pk3 as well now you should only have one
or the other in the base at a time.

Team Members:

KOTORMRJay...(Most sword models ,All skins(1 skin collaboration),putting all this together,brain trust,
testing ,concepts ,etc. ,etc.)
Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke... (glm.conversions,brain trust,tester,various sounds,
and ring wraith collaboration skin, sc.shots)
JT Sims...(from almost the beginning he was here as often as he could be to help with glm conversion(thank you) and was the only
other original team member,if it wasn't for his help in the beginning none of this would ever have seen the light of day

Player modelers:

Toonces..(thanks for the permission)(Nazgul)
PsykoSith..(thanks for the permission)(Eomir,Knight of Gondor)
Michael Frost @ Omar Torres..(thanks for the permission)(Legolis,Elrond,Gilgalad,Lurtz,Uruk-hai)
António "BloodRiot" Perestrelo & Tim "Absath" Buckley..(thanks all)(Boromir,Faramir,Strider)

Weapon models:

Sephiroth_VII..(original model and texture mapping that I used as a base for all others)
(check it out I actually finally fixed the sword and got it to work!)

Tiberius Grismath @ Ransack...(the original Sting model)

KOTORMRJay...(I made all models out of the Ring wraith Sephiroth_VII made for me (tweaked to work now
and the sting out of Tiberius Grismath @ Ransack's Sting model
basically I remade these swords until I had working models using their texture mapping
so to be fare they deserve the credit for the texture mapping ,and
KOTORMRJay for the modeling,and Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke,and JT Sims for the glm conversions

Notice of sounds:

The sounds have been taken from "The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the
Ring" After the film "The Two Towers" is released, expect an updated version of the
preview skins, for now they are with only slight adjustments to sounds

The sword sounds used Sephiroth_VII's sword base sounds modified
which means the sounds work on jedi mod 4.0 and lower not 4.01!

Just put the pk3s you choose in the gamedata/base directory, as always.
Note that you cannot have the nonJediMod saber and the JediMod saber in the dir. w/o complications
Or the full sword sjedi mod pk3 and the blades jedi mod pk3 in the base at same time for the same reason

Legal Stuff and all that crap (but necessary):

We, the developers of this mod, take 0 responsibility for any problems you have with it.
Second, this mod is not distributed, supported, or developed by Raven Software, LucasArts, etc.

Final notes from authors:

KOTORMRJay: I worked too long alone on this project and am going to take a nice break from this for a while
so it may be a bit before a update.(way to long skinning player models that never made it into the game)
and if I have forgotten to mention anyone in this read me forgive me it was not intentional.
I dedicate this to those who helped me to get here besides the before mentioned "KOTOR1..and again to my missing
model and skin teacher Sephiroth_VII Thanks gentleman!!
P.S. for no patch full swords you need to have the swordbase in the base folder but for the blades and hilts all you need
is your choice of hilt and the blade mod thing.

Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke: "While this took forever, I think it was worth the effort to make this mod.
My thanks to KOTOMORJay for getting me into this mod. I can only hope
everyone can appreciate the long hours we spent to get this as good as it

That's all, and good luck to our team and our submission!

-Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke