OOJ Skinpack

By {OOJ}Redhawk
Date: 10-05-2004




Name: OOJ Skinpack

Made by: {OOJ}Redhawk

Description: This is a huge skinpack, which includes all OOJ skins,

How to install:Just extract all the .pk3 files into "GameData\Base" Folder

Infos: almost all Skins have icons so you can take them, but the ones who dont have
icons you can write their names in console:
model ooj_investigator

for example, the CTF skins you have to take like this:
team_model ooj_ctf

And the AJ skins are like this:
model ooj_aj/stry
model ooj_aj/Chin
model ooj_aj/Zynx
model ooj_aj/Affe

ENJOY !!!!!!

if u have any questions or requests
my msn: redhawk15@hotmail.com
my icq: 316996322