My Guy Smilie Skin

By [BA]Jester
Date: 04-14-2002



My Guy Smilie Skin.
by Jester aka Neil

To install MP skin:
1. Extract smilie.pk3 into your \\GameData\\base dir.
Now you can use the My Guy Smilie skin

Note: To use the My Guy Smilie skin, as an a MP skin, make certain the server you are on is NOT A PURE SERVER!! You can set Pure Server to no in the Server Configuration.
click on the Advanced button and set the Pure Server option is set to no.

This Skin is based on the Jeditrainer charector, it has Red & Blue skins so you can use it for CTF etc, to begin with it started life with a big smilie face on his back and yellow tanned skin. some of you may have downloaded this creation known as yellow. i have since added some additions to him as in a devilish beard and moustache which make him stand out and have added color to his boots and arm pads also,

Special thanks to Tom aka Darkunderworld - UD_Devil for his help in testing this skin.

i hope you all enjoy this skin and would enjoy reading any feedback (as long as its good heh)

you can contact me in