Sith, Jedi and Lizard Jedi

Date: 04-02-2003




The Siths, The Jedis and Lizard Jedi

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1. How to Install
Just put the "jedis.pk3" file into the "[jedi outcast directory]\GameData\base" and
have fun with these 7 great skins!!!

2. Information
These are skins of Ancient Jedis and Siths that represents something.

The Three Jedis
The One without shirt represents Strenght
The One with white shirt represents Peace
The One with dark skin represents Wisdom

The Three Siths
The One without shirt represents Death
The One with black shirt represents Hate
The One with black skin and a scar in his face represents Fury

Lizard Jedi
Lizard Jedi is the balance of the force. He's not light or darksided, but he has
the strenght, wisdom, peace, death and fury, all in the same level, bringing the
balance of the two sides. But he's a jedi, who fights for the peace.

3. About Me!
Name: DEATH-KNIGHT (in <|B&W|> clan)
Website: Well, not mine, but my clan's!

4. Notes
I did these skins because i like to modify skins, and the Jedi model skin is the
cooles to modify (and easiest too =D)... I hope you like it...

5. Thanks
I'd like to thank some people that supported me, and without them, i would never
done this skins! They are: <|B&W|>MBO (gave me the ideas, thnx!), <|B&W|>DARK BRAZILIAN
(supported me as well, told me to continue doing =D), BrR OtavioBr (liked the skins),
Warrior of Ice, JediBozin, BIO-WAN, Shadow_Warrior, Master_Lock_Skywalker, Alienista,
Sacul_Death, Exar-Kun, Andre_Jk2, CorellianJedi, Flapf
and all the brazilians from who helped me and liked my work...

obs.: Pablowski, here it is!