Neo's Reborn

By Neo
Date: 03-30-2003





Title : Neo's Reborn
Filename :
Author : Neo
E-Mail Address :

Description : My version of reborn. I tried to get live action pics of the reborn in action, so don't rely on them. I replaced the default reborn, with a white skin. The reborn forceuser was replaced with a deep blue skin. The reborn fencer was replaced with a red skin with a detailed white face. The reborn acrobat can be described as a darth maul skin. And the reborn boss I replaced with a kind of cyborg skin with a leather sith clothes. I also have remade the multiplayer skins and added bot support. I don't know if bot support was needed though. This is my second edition to the neo seiries.

There are no bugs that I know of, I tested it many times.


* Installation *
extract to your base folder.