Solid Snake Skin v.2

By Ocelot
Date: 12-24-2002




Name: Solid Snake v.2
File Name: Snake.pk3
Developer: Ocelot

Installation Instructions: Place the snake.pk3 file into your GameData/Base folder.

Description: I was very displeased with my first Solid Snake skin and so were many other people. I decided to redo him and now he is more muscular looking.
I gave him textures to and shadowing to give him depth. I also included the mullet and the bandana (sorry about the bandana but I cannot model and well its
the best you can do for a skin. He comes with Bot Support, Taunts, and is team playable (even though he remains in same color outfit). I couldnt see Snake in red!
Once again I regret the mistake of version 1.0 but this updated one should please people.