The Old Master

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By AndrewM619
Date: 06-08-2007





This is a re-skin for Jedi Knight II of the Darzee Mardoo character whose author apparently based the skin on another author's Anakin Skywalker model.
This will replace Kyle in Single Player and probably in Multiplayer aswell..This is my first skin for JK II and as such I'm not 100% sure if the mentioned Anakin Skywalker model is necessary to use this file. I don't believe it is because I don't have the model and this works fine for me.
I used bits from the Episode 1 Obi-Wan skin included with ep1 mod and painted over parts of the face to create the beard and eyebrows I also added smaller details like freckles, "crows feet" and bags under the eyes to make the character look older.
In addition..I recolored the hair to be gray and also recolored the clothing to be a gold/brownish hue. No backstory for this character, he is just sort of an old jedi make up your own story ;)
I hope this skin is of some use to you and that you enjoy it..remember it is my first skin so please be gentle with your judgements. I could always use constructive criticism where applicable.

Reason I made this: I just wanted to get into Jedi knight II skinning (I know I'm getting into it's 2007 after all and JK II is an old game but I still love it.) I also wanted a nice jedi character with an old man feel to him.

DIRECTIONS: Just extract the OldMaster.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder -OR- create a folder called OldMaster in your Gamedata folder and extract the OldMaster.pk3 into the similarly named folder.
Using this method will create a mod selectable from the mod menu under setup in the game and will not overwrite the default kyle in the normal game.

Original skin and file: Darzee Mardo by Darth Amote
Additional skin pieces: ep1 mod by Boinga1 (and whoever made the models/skins he/she used for that mod)
Re-skin work: AndrewM619

Disclaimer: I'm not the original author of the skin/skins this reskin was based on, I am however responsible for this file in its current state.