Canadian/Poorly Drawn Stormtrooper

By Tim Roberts
Date: 10-13-2002



Thanks for downloading the Canadian/Poorly Drawn Stormtrooper skin.

This skin turns multiplayer games into a more hilarious version of their
former selves. Just try to take yourself seriously while looking like a
5 year old finger painted you.
This new multiplayer skin packs all the silliness of the (to date, unposted)
mod into your
online games without ruining the seriousness of your single player game.

More mods and skins are on the way! If you like this skin, be sure to
download the mod... if they ever post it.

Installation is a snap, just extract the pdstskin1_2.pk3 file into the
"Base" folder in your game directory. Now just open up a multiplayer
game and a poorly drawn cartoon will be staring back at you from the
player select window.

This is another stupid file from Tim Roberts A.K.A Klobbersaurus
I can be reached at

A total conversion mod is on the way, but I'll need your help! If you
like the way my screwed up mind works and you have some experience
skinning, by all means e-mail me and i'll give you something to do!