Sad Clown (2.0)

By Mercury
Date: 06-09-2006
Version: 2.0




++This Is Vertion 2 Of 'Reborn Tweety Pie'++
NOTE: Bot name is Taz!

*****: \model blackreborn : Is the skin's name.*****
*** I changed it to a clown because it though it would be better ^_^ ***
** The face is a mask of a sad cartoonie face with a small tear on his left cheek.**

Model Name: "sadclownreborn.pk3"

Authors: Darth Mercury

Email: ( feel free to add me)

Sounds: Not Fixed. Jk2 Outcast sounds.

A "Good" Skinner please add me to msn if you're willing to help me fixing sounds and other things.

Special Thanks: And to jk2 team. And the poeple who request for skins for me.

Concept: A sad Lonley Looney Mentaly Insane Clown stuck in jk2 game

Know Bugs: None. Unless you count the sounds. And the black tear on the clowns face looks like a beauty spot.^^.

Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

CTF =None
bots =Yep
Custom sounds =Not Yet Fixed