Matrix Agent

By Mercury
Date: 05-25-2006




++ThAnK YoU FoR The SkIn WiTcH I ReSkInNeD++
Creating a Matrix moovie. Collection? Well this is great for them purposes and more.

*****IF TYPING MODEL AGENT (and doesn't work. try typing) MODEL GHOST.*****

Model Name: "agent.pk3"

Authors: Darth Mercury

Email: ( )

Sounds: Matrix Film sound recording. "Here that, that is the sound of enevablity. The sound of your death!

Special Thanks: To the Creator of the ghost skin. And to jk2 team.

Concept: Based on a competly random Matrix Agent from (well...) The Matrix I - II. But Appeared to no actuly die.

Know Bugs: Collar when running pushes into the neck. Few colour changes to ligher color at sides At A smooth curved hair cut at back.
which is relly weaird but I cant edit it. (because goes beyond my skills)

Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

CTF =Yes
bots =Yes
Custom sounds =Yes