Date: 08-02-2002



Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Model Name: IG-L337.pk3

Author: ACiDuS

Email: cheesylover@hotmail.com

Bugs : Annoying little end piece floating above should that I couldnt remove with the shader.

Story: After the Dark Trooper and then, more recently, the Shadow Trooper projects failed, the Remnants of the Empire began a new project. Using a seized copy of an IG-88 brain found on Mechis, a large amount of Cortosis alloy and schematics salvaged from both the Dark Trooper and Shadow Trooper projects IG-L337 was born. Harnessing the IG-88 killer instinct, the Shadowtrooper\'s incredible armour and the Dark Trooper\'s powerful mechanical construction IG-L337 is a jedi\'s worst nightmare.

Credit should go to gemini for making the great model which I used as a base.

Feel free to use any of this as you wish. An email as to what you\'re doing would interest my greatly, but if you don\'t feel like, I don\'t mind.