By Tons Of Fun
Date: 08-01-2002




Author&Developer-Tons Of Fun

File Info-at the exact second Desann died his life force was transfered into his lightsaber, the round part at the bottom with spikes is a compartment specifically designed to hold his life energy. so after a few months when everything was setled down some left over reborn and dark jedi took desann\'s light saber and brought it to the valley of the jedi and it was forced into one of the statues and the statue took the form of desann.Now he is even more powerful and obviously stronger but he no longer has his lightsaber so if he is killed he will not be coming back.But he has the ability to summon a lightsaber made out of stone called the stone saber..........this file includes the stone saber. also bot and team support.

Installation-Just Extract the .pk3 files to your gamedata\\base folder....u can delete one or both if u dont like them and it wont afect the other