Chronic (2.0)

By Chronic
Date: 07-19-2002
Version: 2.0



Chronic version 2

Made by: Rossefella a.k.a. Chronic

Version 2 has bot support. With a little background info and improved tatoo and icon. Chronic was givein is name because of taking chronic suppliment while in training. It gave him more strength speed but also anger and aggression. Baned from the order he grew vengful and despised all jedi and then became a jedi hunter. I hope you enjoy playing against him i made him a bit harder than those regular bots so he should be somewhat of a challenge. Still no teams.

p.s. I might be makein a Bluntman and Chronic skin but i will have to set it apart from this chronic 2 completely different chars.


And have fun gameing. I will see you in the game!

Rossefella A.K.A.