Don Von Sincestro

By Darth Amote
Date: 07-18-2002




Darth Amote


Don Von Sincestro is an ancient Dark Lord dating back some 2500 years in the past
of the jedi galaxy. Belonging to an order dubbed The Order of Darkness he and his
fellow dark knights ravaged the known galaxy until The Order of Light dispatched dozens
of \"Defenders of the Light\" to wipe out the dark order. All were eliminated except Don
Von Sincestro who took up refuge on a barren planet named Daggoba. Living out his
life in seculusion save for his lone apprentice Darth Seth. (Darth Seth coming soon).

Don Von Sincestro will replace your SP & MP versions of kyle katarn (Bantha herder supreme)

This is best used (in my opinion) with the \"Sith Purple Saber\" by its respective creator.
Download it in the sabers section on this website its in a multipak I think?

Coming soon Darth Seth, Order of Light\'s Defenders of the light. As soon as I figure out
how to add clothes and accessories to my characters.


Don Von still has one whiff of kyle\'s old hair and i\'ve worked or two hours on it so
far to have at this one. think of it as a reverse ponitail that doesn\'t match his ecto