Reborn Master (2.0)

By Chronic
Date: 07-14-2002
Version: 2.0



Reborn Master Version 2

Made by: RossefellA A.K.A. Chronic

The Reborn Master has got bot support now nothing really new about the skin it self. But I also have teams now :). Well I know some of you are like oh man not another reborn. Well the reason I made it was because the game lacked a purple reborn. It was the only color reborn that wasn't there I always mentioned it in games and everyone said that would be sweet so i figured i would put a image in my head and make it and it did. I hope you enjoyed this skin as much as me. The reborn master is the last of the reborn after kyle killed them all. Desann thought that the master had failed and tried to discard of him. Untill Kyle came to confont him. The master fled in hopes of starting bussiness of him own. In hopes that he could find the lost reborn and find people of his own kind. The master enraged apon what has befallin on his kind hopes to build a empire of his own to finally get rid of the jedi order.


And have fun gameing. I will see you in the game!

RossefellA A.K.A.