Warlock Skin

By =-_RaVeN_-=
Date: 12-07-2004





Made this skin for a noble and brave warrior, Warlocke.

He's into evil-looking wizards, and that's what he is. His cloak has mystical symbols on it to ward off attacks, and magical flames seem to lick up from the depths of Hell itself at the hem of his cloak.

Basically, I took the Emperor skin, modded it, got rid of that STUPID cleft in Palpatine's chin, then made all the 'team' colours the same as the default ('cuz Warlocke hates team colours).

There IS bot support, but no shaders (ain't worth mah time).

Warlocke is done (mostly) in MY colours (black, white green and gold). If yer into flames, this is the model for you!

Quothe the RaVeN.