NaxRal v2

By asgWULF
Date: 08-01-2004




Special Thanks,

Jekyll for the Seifer face.
Graves and Freeman for the Dante model.
The creator of the Camo Cultist for the camo textures.
Meush for helping me fix a shader problem.

Mod Name: NaxRal version 2
Author: asgWULF (

Included Team and Bot support

Nax's Back Story:

No one knows who Nax's true parents are, he was adopted by
the Wurzbach family after their youngest son died. Senior Wurzbach
and his eldest son Vincent were famed soldiers and had both been
awarded the Iron Cross during World War I. During the Depression
the Wurzbachs and their newly adopted son Nax (who they named Luther)
were unaffected themselves, but were crushed by the despair and
problems across Germany. Due to this the Wurzbach's became big
supporters of Hitler, believing he could save Germany. In 1938
15 year old Luther was enrolled in Hitler youth, but quickly dropped
out. With rumours of genocide sweeping the land the Wurzbach's
quietly backed away from the Nazi party and moved to southern Germany.
After war began in 1939 an SS officer appeared at their doorway, offering
a senior Wurzbach a commission in the army as a General. Wurzbach declined,
but Vincent, still full of national pride joined. Vincent would die months
later falling during a rebel strike in France. After Vincent's death,
Wurzbach begged the now 17 Luther to leave, before he was drafted into
an "Army of Hell" (as his father called it). Luther agreed and traveled
to Palestine, where he could research the travels of Jesus. Six months
Luther travled to Tibet, hoping there, he could avoid the ever growing war.
In summer of 1943, even most of China was affected and Luther decided to
home. Arriving in December, 1943, Luther found the Wurzbach mansion burned
to the ground and a grave erected for his adopted mother. Filled with anger
Luther raided a small Nazi outpost killing the thirty-some soldiers and
off with supplies. For two months he made similar raids, including one at
a Holocaust camp, with another disgruntled german, James Meyer. While
breaking into the Holocaust camp he found his father, dying of malnutrition
and experiments gone awry. His father told him the legend of Nax Ral, an
warrior who had freed the Europe from tyrant 5,000 years ago. Forgotten by
the Wurzbach house passed down stories of Nax Ral and held the belief he
return, to save Germany in it's darkest hour. Luther swore he would kill
the man who had betrayed his family and all of Germany. Adopting NaxRal as
name, Luther/Nax began to hunt him down. Finally, he caught up with Hitler,
was hiding in his bunker. There Nax killed Hitler and freed Germany from
of the most fearsome tyrants of all time.

The Skins

Default- Nax in his mask.
No Mask- Nax's mask removed.
Chrome- Nax made to look like he's all metal.
Stealth- A dark camo skin.
Desert- Nax with a tan, desert camos, khaki boots and coat.

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