By Phasers On Stun
Date: 05-17-2002



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Author id :Phasers On Stun
Name :Finlay Duff
Website :N/A

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Description :

Well folks this is my first attempt at a skin.....really just made it to see how it was done.....
Obviously just a mod of the old Shadowtrooper with a vien ridden look (on reflection it kinda looks a bit like Tron)

Now I know how to do it I\'ll try something a little more original.....hope you like it though!

This skin has a default and Blue/Red CTF & CTY variations. It can also be used as a bot.....

Installation instructions :

Drop the .pk3 file into your ....gamedata\\base directory in your JK2 folder....then enjoy

Filesize :

The .pk3 file is 1.65mb unzipped

Build date :

28th April 2002

Version History :

First and the last....just made for fun

: The JK2 team for this awsome game in the first place
: The makers of Tron

you can use my skin for whatever you like......