Mace Sundancer

By Arco
Date: 04-23-2002



Skins Name : Mace Sundancer
Author : Matt \"Arco\" Ferguson
Email Address :

Accessory\'s description : I made this skin for sundance. He is basically just a normall jedi type guy but for the CTF i decided to taket he good and bad of blue and red further and made the blue a ghost (ala obi wan) and the red a dark jedi (Maace) On a technical note the texture size is mainly a quarter the size of ravens original skin sizes... i didn\'t see the need for them to be so freaking big when i could get the same detail on a smaller texture.

Additional Credits to : Sundance(for the bots), Raven, Id Software, Adobe

Thanks to : My luvly gal
* Construction *

Base : Non- started from anew... (altho i did have to have the orginal textures as i didn\'t have ALL the wires) Oh yeah and the hand is the same as the one raven did... as it was too much like hard work to skin a hand when i had a perfectly good one sitting there for me.

Build time : about 10 to 12 hours in total.