Ikarus (2.0)

By -{RBD}-Ikarus
Date: 02-01-2004
Version: 2.0





Title : IKARUS SKIN [New sounds, BOT and TEAM supported]

Author : -{RBD}-Ikarus (Chema o Jöse)
E-Mail : kasiusklay@hotmail.com
clan Website : www.clanrebelde.tk

File Name : Ikarus.pk3
File Size : 2325k
Date Released : Jan,26 2004


Skin Description and intallation:

1) put the ikarus.pk3 file in your GAMEDATA/base directory. (if you have the first version you must
replace the file)

2) this version, YES! supports bots and team skins.

3) NEW sounds ADDED

3) ikarus.pk3 is a select of all reborns parts with any modifications.

4) specially for karate(front), bushido(back), and kendo(leg side) afiliates.

5) one tip-> saber colours: red (with red team skin), blue (with default skin), green (with blue team skin).

This skin was modificated following the comments of the www.jk2files.com webmaster.

I will send a "model" soon :D



This is a personal skin, best for Knights of Jedi Orders.

I like the blue,
I like the light,
and I don't like to see you
near of the dark side

Think, feel the force and moOve yourself!!

Maria's a perfect girlfriend,
in an imperfect world.

JK2 and -{ReBeldeClan}- POWAAAA!!!

Thanks to Odin (model screener), kain (laughing kid), and to my girl Maria