RaYzEr Skin v1.0

By RaYzEr
Date: 01-12-2004




RaYzEr Skin v1.0

Author - RaYzEr
Website - www.-los-jk3clan.tk
E-mail - Adambridgeman@hotmail.com / bridgeman2k4@hotmail.com

Extract the files contained in the Rayzer.zip (if you used default
installation directory)
C:/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/Gamedata/base. If
you did not
Use the default installation directory then install it to X:/Gamedata/Base
(Replace X with the
directory that you installed the game to.

I recently started playing jk2 again after a long stint on jk3. After making
a pretty much crap
skin which was slated like hell by jk2files downloaders lol, i decided that
now i am playing jk2 again
i will make a jk2 skin but spend a lot more time, get a decent program and
actually work hard
at it, and if you look at both this new jk2 skin, and my previous jk3 skin,
you will see that this one
is a lot better. so................enjoy