Poo skin v.2

New version available! Find it here.

By }DJ{ Monkey
Date: 09-28-2003



Jedi Knight II

Auther info

Name : Charlie Banks

Online name : }DJ{ Monkey

e-mail : charlie@sitar.demon.co.uk

File info

File name : Poo.pk3 & POOdifftaunt.pk3

File type : Skin


My last pooskin did not have sounds or bot support but in version2 iv added bot support and some rediculas sounds such as farts and flushes.
I have added a .pk3 that allows you to use 2 different taunt sounds aswell.

Unfortunatly, on my last pooskin review, it says that i could add a steaming effect from the poo, but im not sure how to make shaders or effects yet:(


Put the Poo.pk3 in your gamedata/base file!

If you want to have the different taunt just put the other file in there aswell.


Delete poo.pk3 from gamedata/base

Delete the poodifftaunt.pk3 from the base!


Me for reskinning the hutt model!!!

Duncan for allowing me to reskin his model!!!

Thanks for downloading!