Master Ryk

By TrykxX_36
Date: 09-23-2003




Author: ><IKBR><Ryptor36 also TrykxX_36



Installation: Extract the .pk3 to your Lucasarts/GameData/base directory
If you don't like the file delete it from your base dir.

This skin is a reskin of the grayfox model, creds go to the original
grayfox modeller/skinner. I made this for my brother, there are 5 different
skins... default, red, blue, green and yellow. I have added a shader that
makes the eyes glow and the skin itself blinks. I think it looks pretty
cool/evil. You would have to test this skin out to see what I mean.
The taunt on this skin have been modified to exclude swearing, the skin
is still evil nonetheless.

Why did I make this skin?? My brother wanted yet another
new skin... so I made him one that he should be happy
with for awhile.

If you choose wish to modify it in ANY way, ask for
permission first please, and give the original author
(me) credit, Thanx!