By Sword Master
Date: 09-13-2003




Description:A reborn reskin(yes its a reborn so shut up)(reborns can be kool;))

background story:Sm2 came from a planet in a galaxy far far away named manazu. Manazu in their language satnds for
sword master,their well king. He taught them the ways of the force and excellent fighting style. He also told them to never give up
on anything they beleived in and to have confidence.Sm2,the kings son,was most exceptionarily talented.
He slayed every beast on the planet and defeated many foes with one tool.his tool was a katana sword so sharp it could cut through
a blast day his father gave him a lightsaber.he was very cocky and snook aboard a visiting traider that worked for the remnant.
The remnant at this time had a aliiance with the great clan icop.sm2 thought he could slay all the icop members by himself.
he was wrong.He fought great but he lost much more than his honor and pride.That day the icop members retaliated with such force that by the end he had masive injurys.
His arm got cut off and had to be replaced mechanically,he had a huge hole in his lower chest,and most of all a scar stretched across his face on one side while on the other
all his flesh and meat was completly torn off the left side of his face.
His father was so ashamed that he tried to murder his own son.but for he did not know his son was neither dead or alive.
He is now known as the Dark Lord for he wiped out his entire planet.He then set off to destroy the rest of the galaxy,starting with
his rival,Icop

(the background story is no offense to any ex-icop members or anyone period,i just thought it'd be kool to use icop)

credit:credit goes to raven and lucas arts for making this kickass game
Bot support:yes
Team support:yes
new sounds:(i will if someone tells me a good program and fixes my micro phone)
Notice*This will replace kyle in sp,and it kinda takes away that dumb bantha herder look :D