By TrykxX_36
Date: 08-21-2003




Author: ><IKBR><Ryptor{GoJ} also TrykxX_36

E-mail: kraziefunkywild36@hotmail.com

Webby: www.ikbr.tk

Installation: Extract the .pk3 to your Lucasarts/GameData/base directory
If you don't like the file delete it from your base dir.

This file is a raibow reborn, because I have seen
far too many reborn skins that are plainly painted
so I added some colour to it.

Why did I make this skin?? Cuz I was bored
and was messing with shaders.

If you choose wish to modify it in ANY way, ask for
permission first please, and give the original author
(me) credit, Thanx!