Atomic Sith

By TpS_Atomic1
Date: 08-04-2003




** "Sith Atomic" **

This i a skin made of different body parts:Desann's edited red head, desann's chest armor over a shadowtrooper's chest armor, and some black reborn legs. Just my personal skin made by a good friend.

If you want to host or modify this file for download a little credit or notification to both of us would be nice, Thank You.

*Note: This skin does not have red and blue team skins too.


How To Install

Extract "AtomicSith.pk3" into your "/GameData/base" directory and it'll work.


99.9% the thanks go to TpS_OpalSnake for making me this model on his own time and 0.1% of the thanks goes to me for putting it on the internet for others.

-TpS_Atomic1: "CaN't TaKe Us DoWn!"