By Sai-wan
Date: 07-17-2003




Author: Sai-wan. Created all the new textures minus some cloth wraps and
chain mail ICOP_Ravage
Instillation: Unzip the pk3 into your base folder, and let her rip.

Credits: The maker of the Solid Snake model, this skin wouldnt be anywhere
near what I wanted it to be had such a cool model not been made. Jewel,
Wolf, Ravage, and anyothers i forgot for the patience giving me tips and
ideas about the skins:D Ravage, for the killer taunt, Vipy and Sanj for
their expertise and patience lol. And everyone else who inspired me to make
this skin :D

The story of Cleric

The Cleric in itself, is an Oni, whose age is untold. Evil in its own
nature, it took liking to the following of the Darkside of the force. The
Sith in particular. For centuries its power grew, cultivating itself within
the Darkside, but in its own arrogance and powerlust, it became trapped
within its sanctuary. Ages passed, and an adventurous smuggler, Jack Logan
came across an old temple, close to the outer rim. Upon investigating, he
unlocked the power trapped within and unleashed the Oni once again. He was
blinded by the trapped energy, tearing through the fibers of his being. With
his last breaths, he felt the Spirit beckon him, in this, the Oni took
possesion of the body that lay broken there in his temple. Finnaly the being
could escape its self made prison, but only with the limitations of its
host. Completely blinded physically, this didnt hinder the Cleric. It hadn't
had eyes for millenia, and had no use for them now. Jack Logans body became
stronger, physically and through the Force. Now, the Cleric left its prison
in Jacks ship and began making his way to the inner circle of the Galaxy to
wreak its havoc again.

The skins:
Default= Supposably a sort of Sith armor :D
Blue= What you would Jack Logan wearing beneath the armor
Red= Some of Jack Logans clothing
Rags= a more modern version of the armor that the Cleric would wear :D

*in order to access the rags skin, you need to enter the console and type:
model cleric/rags