By Sai-wan
Date: 05-20-2003




This is the Readme...soooo readme!

AUTHOR: Sai-wan

Why is this skin called Stevo you may ask yourself? Well. Cus thats me.
Stevo lol, rather, Steve, but just for kicks i guess :)
Instillation : extract file to GameData/base in your JO folder

First of all, without the great work from the makers of the Han Solo model,
this skin would not have been possible, so all credit due to them is given
for a great work.

All the textures were redone by myself, so that indeed was a pleasure to do.
Alot of inspiration from current movies and such got me on a skinnin
rampage. There's some more skins to come, more refinement however needs to
be made before they are submitted for public DL. :D


Default: A sort of Matrix Neo-esque style skin with and insignia on the
back that reads Dreadnaughts. That name was chosen to be put across the back
as a sort of biker style jacket.

Blue: Basically, i have a jacket that looks like that, Denim with a fur
color and cuffs. Denim jeans and grey t-shirt. Not to forget of course my
favorite necklace. The shades were tinted blue merely to add to the blues in
the skin. It's pretty subtle in game.

Red: My favorite. A skin inspired by the X-men, namely, wolverine. The idea
came from the game X-2 wolverines revenge. Had a great look to it, and I'm a
big fan of the X-men, so i figured why not do askin. With any luck there
will be some seriously good Xmen models rolling around soon :D