Arshes Nei

By Gael Amastacia
Date: 05-11-2003





Title : Arshes Nei
Author : Gael Amastacia
E-Mail :
Website : none

File Name : arshesnei.pk3
File Size : 1.16 mb
Date Released : 5/5/03

Installation: Extract arshesnei.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder.
Uninstall: Remove said pk3 file from gamedata/base folder.

Description: A slight modification of the Night Elf model as released by Flux and the people who helped him. This character is named after the Dark Elf of the same name in the anime "Bastard!!". The armor has been turned black and gray instead of blue and red. Trim on the armor changes colors for team support. I have also changed the tattoo on her back.

Comments: This is my personal skin. You need only download this if you plan to fight me or think you'll fight me. Also, if you play regularly on the JK2files server, I highly suggest you download this skin, as I am almost always seen there when I play. I do not expect you to download it otherwise.
Considering it is my personal skin, I really don't care what you say about it, but any *constructive* criticism is welcome. This is my first skin, and as such, I felt I should stick to fairly simple changes. Most likely there will be more, and they will not be simple recolorings, they'll be full reskins. Unless JK3 comes out before I finish my other one.
All credit goes to Flux for creating the Night Elf, my preferred model for JK2.
Bot Support was a bit of a problem. As such, I did not include it. Any help on this would be appreciated greatly.
Custom sounds were recorded and edited by me, and taken from Bloody Roar: Primal Fury for Gamecube.

- Gael