(/////Warrior-Knight of Darkness\\)

By Trad Redav
Date: 04-08-2003




(/////Warrior-Knight of Darkness\\\)

Author:Lucas "Trad Redav"
Email: tradredav@ssresources.com
Release date: March 23rd, 2003

(///Installation Instructions\\\)

Extract the .pk3 to gamedata\base in your JKII directory (example: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base)

(///what is this?\\\)
This is a reskin of the Royal Guard model by Eric Landreneau


(///Backstory - History Overview\\\)

The Warrior-Knight of Darkness is from... no-one knows where. He went through the galaxy for a short time as a bounty hunter, then heard of the Jedi Academy. Already skilled at concealing his presence in the force, having been tutored by an old man on Corellia, he lay in wait in the forests of Yavin 4, and watched the students learn. He took the skills learned from afar and twisted them towards the dark path, for if there are two paths with the same outcome, he will always take the easier one. He started using the force to hunt for food. The academy felt the dark side being used, and investigated. He escaped before they found him. He became a warrior of the dark side, a freelancer, who would only work for his most trusted friends. Those friends' number decreased everyday. After 3 months, he was alone. He developed a material that was very hard, but very flexible. It was perfect to suit his needs. He now roams the galaxy, looking for weak people to kill, and animals to eat. He put together a group that traveled together, consisting of Himself, his aide Hzeli, and 4 others.*

No one knows his name.

No one ever will.

At least, they won't live to tell it.

*see Backstory.txt