Zax Starkiller

By Darth Shade
Date: 04-08-2003




Zax Starkiller by Darth Shade

A Jedi Master who has reached the level of Uber Jedi. He is the one who is strong enough in the force to become immortal. Even Master Yoda isn't that strong. He has had brief periods as a Sith Lord but, has always returned to the light.

Installation instructions

Extract Zax.Pk3 into your Gamedata/base folder for the multiplayer skin
Extract Zax Starkiller SP into Gamedat/base for Zax to replace Kyle
Extract Luke to Zax into Gamedata/base for Zax to replace Luke

Darth Shade

This is my second skin but,the first one I'm going to submit I have to ask a friend if I can submit a skin of a character he owns the copyright for I like this skin more anyway.

I made this skin because I had a replacement for Kyle that was Luke and it was weird having Luke talking to himself