Born Again & Errm (2.0)

By Aidy
Date: 04-06-2003




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File Name(1) : born again.pk3 (Alladin taunts/sounds)
File Name(2) : Errm.pk3 (Kusco taunts/sounds)

Installation :
Just place in base folder as normal - remove to uninstall. Simple!

And why......?

It started one night whilst I was making a reskin of reborn, and my 7 year old
niece&nephew were watching Alladin in the same room as me, listening to iago (The parrot)
I thought how good some of the things he comes out with would work well as taunts!
I was a little drunk at the time too I must admit!

Then it carried on from there, Kusco(?) from Emperors New Groove had to be next!
After remembering how comical I thought he was!

Hope you all enjoy them, when I find something as funny I will taunt it too.



Developer : Aidy

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I suggest deleting any previouse errm&born_again pk3's First.

These are updated files that adds team colors and bot support.
The two bots will not attack each other, only other players.
They will not attack same bot either (ie errm won't attack errm etc....)
Thought this would be great for practice games and an attempt at a co-op.
They work as a good team, pushing you - pulling, gripping, lightning the lot!
Put a pair of each in a server and your work will be cut out for you!

A sound file or two have been updated in the born_again skin. Nothing too
different, just the hard land sound.

Hope you enjoy the bots.

The team colors are just same but added more red&blue (a lot more actually!) to skins. Simple. :-)

These will replace any existing born_again and errm pk3's you have.