Sky Armor 3

By Sky
Date: 04-02-2003




Name: Sky Armor 3
Author: Sky
Size: 1,264

This is version 3 of the sky armor lemme tell u it is a hell of a lot better then my
first version of the skin. it is completely different from the original. now mostly
black with white eyes (don't know if they work in the game though, didn't for me:(,
but did on the mod viewer). in spired in some parts by the raith daggos skin (like
the grey armor for e.x.) anyway i finally made a good skin. this doesn't have bot
support yet... don't know how. no team colors (wouldn't work for some reason if u
the problem can u tell me) no new sounds either. i plan to re-release this with team
colors, bot support, and a custom taunt.

put the sky_armor3.pk3 in your gamedata/base directory